With a background in corporate technologies, risk management and business consulting, I support clients to research, design, plan and deliver business solutions, drawing upon a wealth of international experience across multiple sectors.

My services

  • Identify new opportunities for adding value to any business
  • Match requirements to technologies
  • Develop technology strategies
  • Oversee full product lifecycle, from design to prototyping and delivery
  • Source and deploy software applications
  • Manage change
  • Design, develop and deliver training
  • Identify potential IP
  • Identify risks and undertake audits
  • Perform problem resolution and root cause analysis
  • Create financial budgets for technology projects and teams
  • Research regulations and deliver paralegal advice
  • Facilitate business-academic partnerships

My approach

  • Value defined by outcomes (not process)
  • Stakeholder partnerships
  • Simultaneous focus on short and long-term goals
  • Always conscious of uncertainty and risk
  • Unshakeable belief that every problem has a solution


Rare combination of skills and experience:

  • Public and private sector
  • Business administration and technology management
  • Multi-national and multi-sector
  • Strong, diverse set of vocational and academic qualifications
  • Specialist in developing technology strategies


Hands-on experience in 10 countries:

Sector experience

  • IT infrastructure and data services
  • Safety engineering
  • Financial services
  • Training and education
  • Parliament and public administration
  • Hospitality and retail
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing

New for 2021: based on 3 years of applied research, Moar Partnerships now offer transformational technology strategies customised for your business.