S Lewis, Founder of Risktec Solutions, later acquired by TÜV Rheinland

“Peter has completed a range of consulting assignments for us to a very high professional standard.  If you are looking for a genuine, dedicated and knowledgeable consultant to assist with a business system issue, then I recommend you speak to Peter to see how he may be able to help.”

N Susic, Principal Advisor, Risk and Assurance, Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ)

“Your Moar Diagram left a strong impression on me more than 12 months ago and I am still of the strong view that it falls into the category of innovative thinking in risk management, is quite powerful and deserves exposure.”

M Davies, IT Manager, Risktec Solutions

After launching a set of new knowledge management tools to all offices worldwide.

“All feedback is very positive and indeed seems like we have a winner.”

V Billingham, author of How to Plan and Deliver a Successful Project (Studymates, 2016)

“Peter has excellent research skills that he combines with proven understanding of technology to find and implement appropriate solutions.  I’m not sure that his brain ever switches off, as he is always thinking of new ideas to take the business forward. He has excellent project management and communication skills, which work together with his lateral thinking and marketing to achieve great results. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone.”

MJ Martin, VP Enterprise Risk at San Francisco State University

“Wonderful ‘Visualizing Success’ presentation.  May I please have a copy of the presentation to share with some of my Administration and Finance colleagues here at SF State?”

R Valentine, Managing Director of Business Intelligence at DST Health Solutions

“I have been trying to envision a means of communicating what you call positive risk in a simple paradigm and believe you have done a masterful job.”

P Leeson, Quality Manager, White Clarke Group

“Thank you for sharing an extremely useful tool. I am looking forward to implementing this in a number of different environments and will most certainly come back to you with questions and suggestions based on the practice.”

M Massey, Chief Risk Officer, Al Koot Insurance and Reinsurance [later became Chairman of the Institute of Risk Management]

“A colleague kindly sent through your presentation which I really like (I am a big fan of the Bow Tie).  I am keen to discuss the presentation with you on a number of levels.”

C Jones, Head of Business Solutions and Engagement Management Services / Business & Technology Solutions, Capgemini

“As someone who has spent his entire PM career always balancing the upside of risk mgmt with the traditional down side mgmt….it was refreshing to see someone with exactly the same thought process but having described it in such a structured and methodical way.”

D Thomson, OHS Manager, Saracen Gold Mines

“I would really appreciate it if you could share your Moar Model with me so that I can share this with an industry that is crying out for positive reinforcement, as opposed to the obligatory “big stick” adopted by the continuous exposure to constant negative risk management paradigms.”

Dr P Banford, BioScience IP

“I found the introduction to bow-tie modelling very interesting and see the commercial potential if management consultants were to adopt the models you have derived.”